Jaro je tady, čas nakoupit sazenice Chilli

With spring arriving, it's time to start thinking about gardening and planting. One popular plant to grow is the chili pepper plant, which can add a kick of spice to your cooking. If you're interested in growing your own chili plants, Semínka-chilli.cz is a great place to start. Semínka-chilli.cz is a store that specializes in chili seeds and plants. They offer a wide variety of chili plants, including some of the most popular varieties such as TS Moruga, Jalapeno Maylon, Elephants Trunk, and Habanero Big Bullet. They also offer sweet varieties like Bajku and Meiku. If you're interested in reserving plants for this season, it's important to act fast. As mentioned in their recent newsletter, reservations made now won't be fulfilled until May. In addition to chili plants, Semínka-chilli.cz also offers sterilized chili peppers, such as the Jalapeno Podvodnic 1L. If you're a fan of this particular variety, it's important to note that they only have a limited supply left from last year's batch. For those who love spicy food, Semínka-chilli.cz has something new and exciting in store: the Novopacká Gilotina chili sauce. This sauce is made with a blend of four extremely hot chili pepper varieties, and it's sure to add a fiery kick to any dish. You can sign up to be notified when the sauce becomes available on their website. If you're looking for a unique way to enjoy chili peppers, Semínka-chilli.cz also offers a spicy cranberry sauce called Pálivé Brusinky. This is a popular item that often sells out quickly, so be sure to check their website to see if it's in stock. In conclusion, if you're interested in growing your own chili plants or trying out some spicy chili products, Semínka-chilli.cz is a great place to start. With a wide selection of chili plants and products, you're sure to find something to satisfy your spicy cravings. Just remember to act fast if you want to reserve plants for this season!